Kickoff Event Recap

The Office of F&A Analysis successfully hosted their first ever Kickoff Event Lunch with all of it’s 2019 space survey participants. The turnout was so overwhelmingly great that the event had to be split into two days to accommodate all the attendees. The F&A Analysis team did a extraordinary job of introducing themselves as a newly formed team on campus and passing on a wealth of valuable information about the upcoming space survey to the departments that would be participating. The attendees were eager to learn about the process and remained fully engaged with many helpful questions and suggestions throughout. The F&A Analysis team would like to thank all of the attendees and all of the people that were involved in setting up the event. The team would also like to thank all of departments that were generous enough to supply the event with all of the amazing door prizes.  The Kickoff Event was an overall great success and will hopefully become a staple for future space surveys.